Inverted Air-con
Fri 2010/04/16 14:31

It's pretty cold here in Tokyo at them moment as the sun is hiding behind a thick layer of cloud and consequently very cold, so much so that I could see my own breath inside of my own room. I was freezing my gonads off.

But I just found out that my air-conditioner actually has a inverter which means it can actually produce heat from the outside air somehow (I love this country). After pressing many of the buttons on the remote at random at last it started to produce heat (I was actually worshipping this air-con when it did, I think I might construct a mini shrine just for it).

So I am now sat here writing this overjoyed whilst my room is heating up and I'm loving it.

Oh and if you need help getting your air-con to work in Japan have a look at this blog specifically at the comment from anonaman which has translations for the buttons/displays which you will find on most air-con remote controllers.

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